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Grange Lido: Abandoned for over 20 years, this art deco seaside swimming pool is a magnificent waste.

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We are in Grange-over-Sands, England.
Built in 1932, this once-glorious seaside outdoor pool has been left to rot for over 25 years. The lido, an open-air public pool that was popular in 1930s England, was originally filled with saltwater from nearby Morecambe Bay. Adorned with art deco designs, it’s easy to imagine how the lido must have looked in its heyday.
The pool is 50m long and bordered by an entrance block with upper viewing gallery and attached sun decks, detached changing wings, terraces, pump house, paddling pool and a stepped diving stage.

Grange-over-Sands was transformed from a fishing village to a popular resort following the arrival of the railway in 1857. In the 1930s every self-respecting seaside town had a Lido but almost all of them have been demolished – Grange Lido is the only one of its type left in the North of England.
In the mid 1970s a programme of maintenance and repairs was carried out on the Lido, including additional reinforcement being added to the sea tanks, repairs to the concrete beams in the room below the main entrance building, and alterations to the pipework in the subway.

Despite in 1977 the Lido suffered damage by flooding and high tides and storms led to the sea breaching the outer wall, it remained in continuous use throughout almost all of the 20th century, celebrating its 50th anniversary in 1982 with a celebration gala.
Wandering around the site today, you can find deck chairs, lockers, complimentary soapboxes, and other rusting remnants of this place, which has been abandoned since 1993.
On one side of the bay you can see the seaside town of Morecambe, and on the other, the lake district mountains.
There are ongoing petitions to reopen the lido as a community space, but at this moment nothing was done….

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