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Hanoi’s Train Street: twice a day a speeding train passes only inches from the homes of this residential neighborhood.

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Between Le Duan and Kham Tien street in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Vietnam, arounds 3 p.m. and 7 p.m every day, a train hurtles through a series of narrow streets in bustling, maze-like Old Quarter.
So drying clothes are carried inside, children ushered indoors, and bikes pulled to the side of the road just before the train passes, with less than a meter of clearance at most on each side. Try to imagine: in some places the train is mere centimeters from the buildings.
The street’s residents press tight to the walls or duck into nearby doorways and then, with a startling nonchalance and go right back to walking across or sitting on the tracks as soon as the train has passed.

The still-functioning 117-year-old railway track, that divides a street full of homes and cafes on either side, take up nearly the entirety of the train street, as it’s been dubbed by the increasing trickle of tourists that come to glimpse the unusual sight.
The train passes the narrow road early in the route that connects Vietnam’s capital to Ho Chi Minh city in the south.

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