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#TodayInHistory – November 8

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November 8 – Some important events on this day.

392 👉🏼 Roman Emperor Theodosius declares Christian religion the state religion
1519 👉🏼 1st meeting of Aztec Emperor Moctezuma II and Spanish Conquistador Hernán Cortés in Tenochtitlan, Mexico
1520 👉🏼 Stockholm Bloodbath begins: A successful invasion of Sweden by Danish forces results in the execution of around 100 people.
1602 👉🏼 The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is opened
1701 👉🏼 William Penn presents Charter of Privileges
1731 👉🏼 In Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin opens 1st library in the north American colonies
1734 👉🏼 Vincent la Chapelle, master cook to various nobility and royalty, forms Free Masons Lodge in Netherlands
1789 👉🏼 Bourbon Whiskey 1st distilled from corn by Elijah Craig in Bourbon, Kentucky
1798 👉🏼 Irish revolutionary Wolfe Tone is sentenced to death by hanging for his part in the Irish Rebellion of 1798. Tone requests to be shot instead so as to die a soldier’s death.

1895 👉🏼 German physicist Wilhelm Röntgen produces and detects electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range today known as X-rays or Röntgen rays.
On this day physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845-1923) becomes the first person to observe X-rays, a significant scientific advancement that would ultimately benefit a variety of fields, most of all medicine, by making the invisible visible.
His discovery occurred accidentally in his Wurzburg, Germany, lab, where he was testing whether cathode rays could pass through glass when he noticed a glow coming from a nearby chemically coated screen. He dubbed the rays that caused this glow X-rays because of their unknown nature.

1924 👉🏼 Fortune Theatre opens in London
1935 👉🏼 “Mutiny on the Bounty” directed by Frank Lloyd and starring Charles Laughton and Clark Gable premieres in New York
1937 👉🏼 The Nazi exhibition Der ewige Jude (“The Eternal Jew”) opens in Munich.
1992 👉🏼 300,000 demonstrate against racism in Berlin
1999 👉🏼 Tenor Andrea Bocelli releases his “Sacred Arias” album, the world’s best-selling classical album by a single artist
2002 👉🏼 Iraq disarmament crisis: UN Security Council under Resolution 1441 unanimously approves a resolution on Iraq, forcing Saddam Hussein to disarm or face “serious consequences”
2005 👉🏼 Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is elected president of Liberia, the first woman to lead an African country
2016 👉🏼 Republican Donald Trump is elected President of the United States of America, defeating democrat Hillary Clinton, who received 2.9 million more votes

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