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#TodayInHistory – November 7

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November 7 – Some important events on this day.

921 👉🏼 Treaty of Bonn: East France & West France recognize each other
1492 👉🏼 Ensisheim Meteorite strikes a wheat field near the village of Ensisheim in Alsace, France. Oldest meteorite with a known date of impact.
1872 👉🏼 Cargo ship Mary Celeste sails from Staten Island for Genoa; mysteriously found abandoned four weeks later
1874 👉🏼 1st cartoon depicting elephant as Republican Party symbol, by Thomas Nast
1885 👉🏼 Canadian Pacific Railway completed at Craigellachie

1907 👉🏼 Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities is founded at New York University.
The American Business fraternity was founded at New York University in 1907 by four undergraduates. Shown here are three of its original members Harold V. Jacobs, Alfred Moysello and Alexander F. Makay, the other was Henry A. Tienken.
From its beginnings its emphasis was on a broad membership in contrast to the most restrictive fraternities at the time, as well as scholarship and socializing.
In 1975 Delta Sigma Pi was the first business fraternity to admit female members.

1917 👉🏼 October Revolution in Russia: Lenin and the Bolsheviks seize power, capture the Winter Palace and overthrow the Provisional Government.
After the February Revolution in 1917 overthrew Russia’s centuries-old monarchy, the conflict between the Provisional Government led by Alexander Kerensky and the Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin intensified around the country.
On this day (or 25 October in Old Style) Bolshevik forces under Lenin’s command seized government buildings in Petrograd (or St. Petersburg) and the following day the Winter Palace. This began the Soviet rise to power, and on 9 November the Bolsheviks proclaimed the creation of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic, the first socialist state so created.
The revolution did not end the struggles. Over the next 5 years the country descended into the chaos and anarchy of the Russian Civil War. The Soviets would triumph, leading to the creation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

1931 👉🏼 Chinese People’s Republic proclaimed by Mao Zedong

1940 👉🏼 Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses.
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses due to high winds on this day.
It was built in Washington during the 1930s and opened to traffic on July 1, 1940. It spanned the Puget Sound from Gig Harbor to Tacoma, which is 40 miles south of Seattle. The channel is about a mile wide where the bridge crossed the sound. Sleek and slender, it was the third longest suspension bridge in the world at the time.

1974 👉🏼 British peer the Earl of Lucan disappears and is never seen again after his nanny is found murdered in London.

2000 👉🏼 Controversial US presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore is inconclusive; the result, in Bush’s favor, is eventually resolved by the Supreme Court
2000 👉🏼 The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration discovers one of the country’s largest LSD labs inside a converted military missile silo in Wamego, Kansas
2012 👉🏼 48 people are killed by a magnitude 7.3 earthquake in Guatemala

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