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Seaman’s Memorial Tower: a tower that pays homage to local sailors who perished under the waves

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The Seaman’s Memorial is a tower about 25-meters high that stands at the entrance to Conn Brown Harbor in Aransas Pass, Texas, where many commercial fishers set sail for the bays and estuaries along the South Texas coast.
The tower, paid for by public donations, was dedicated on May 9, 1970, and is a permanet tribute to honor local seamen lost at Sea.

A plaque that honor six Coast Guard airmen who perished when a flare was accidentally fired inside their aircraft can be found on the memorial’s walls, while an almost 7-meters white cross, illuminated at night, is visible for more than 10 miles at Sea.
Another feature of the structure is a 3,5-meters statue of Christ sculptured from a piece of mahogany driftwood which came ashore on the beach of Port Aransas by sculptor Raymond Veasey, a former Navy and merchant marine sailor.
Inside the little chapel in the base of the Tower are plaques listing the lost seamen and those whose donations made the memorial possible.
The shrine offers a place for quiet reflection in the middle of a bustling boat launch site.

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