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Here is Brazil’s Unique “Coca Cola Lake”!

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Have you ever dreamed of swimming in a lake of Coca Cola? Well, in Brazil you can actually do!
The Mata Estrela, a great Atlantic rainforest reserve located in Formosa Bay in the State of Rio Grande do Norte, nestles an interesting Lake. Its name is Araraquara, but soon it started being called “Coca-Cola” due to the colour of the water that is similar to the popular soft drink.

The water has the same dark hue, but very different ingredients and no carbonation.
Instead of caramel, the water of this popular lagoon is colored by a concentration of iodine and iron, in combination with the pigmentation of the reeds near its shores. But, despite its colour, the water is clean and you can dive in the Lake.
Located just under 100 km from Natal, it is both one of the most popular and also the most unusual tourist attraction in the Brazilian state.
During the summer, its shallow water becomes very warm, making it the perfect spot for a family bathing session.
There are also those who believe that that the chemical combination that gives the water its Coca Cola-like color also has a positive effect on health.
So if you’re ever in the Baia Formosa region of Rio Grande do Norte, Coca Cola Lagoon is one attraction you don’t want to miss.
After all, how often do you get to see a Coca-Cola lake?

Author’s notes: to get there you must walk through a trail in the forest for 5 hours or experience an adventurous buggy ride from the beach. In the forest you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature and listen to its sounds, including those from the Guariba monkeys.

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