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Dexter, the dog that learned to walk like a human

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A lot of pets think they’re human, but a dog literally takes it to another level!
Dexter is a 7-year-old Brittany Spaniel from Colorado who has become an inspiration for lot of people around the world after he taught himself to stand up and walk on his hind legs after suffering a bad accident.

His story began when he was only a puppy.
He escaped his owners’ yard in Ouray, Colorado, darted into traffic and got hit by a car. Despite one of his front legs had to be amputated and the other was severely damaged he survived, and that’s all his humans cared about.
They assumed he would need some kind of wheelchair to get around without his front legs, and in fact he did use one for a while, but only until he realized he could walk much faster on his hind legs alone. Since then, he has been walking like a human, turning heads around town and inspiring the entire world.

His owner, Kentee Pasek, first learned about Dexter’s ability to walk on his hind legs when she left him at the foot of her porch one day, only to come out and find him laying down at the top of the stairs.
He was without his wheelchair, so she couldn’t figure out how he had gotten there. So she went and got her phone, set Dexter at the bottom of the stair again, and caught the “miracle” on camera.
Since then, Dexter has only gotten better at being bipedal, and he is now able to go on walks around town.
As you can imagine, he has become somewhat of a local celebrity, and everyone loves to see him walk by and attend yearly parades and festivals.
He always puts a smile on people’s faces and reminds them that no matter how hard life knocks you down, there’s always a way to get up.

Dexter has become big on social media as well, with hundreds of thousands of fans.
Well, some people occasionally leave negative comments accusing his owners of training him to walk like a human for attention, but according to Kentee Pasek and several veterinarians, Dexter’s ability is just his unique way of adapting to overcome adversity (although a dog should not have a profil on social media!)

Either way, probably most people in the shoes of Dexter’s owners would have probably put him down after the accident, rather than seeing him suffer. But Kentee simply couldn’t bring herself to do that without giving him a fighting chance.

“We didn’t think he’d make it,” she told in an interview. “I couldn’t put him down without giving him a chance, I just couldn’t.”
And we absolutely agree!

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