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July 7: celebrate World Chocolate Day!

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Originally written on July 7, 2022, updated 2023

Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate…hot chocolate, truffles, Snickers, chocolate cake…indulge in any of the many kinds of chocolate out there!

Despite there are a number of dates throughout the year promoting variations of local, national (or international) World Chocolate Day, our research leads us to believe that this is the true, purist “World Chocolate Day”….so it’s time to celebrate!

The observance of World Chocolate Day dates back to 2009, and it is nothing short of a special tribute to one of mankind’s greatest culinary invention.
It’s unclear who came up with this yummy day. However, the day is celebrated on July 7th because it seems that on this date in 1550 chocolate was first brought to Europe.
Every kind of chocolate can enhance and help to create the most delicious desserts but even be enjoyed on its own.
The history of chocolate goes back around 2,500 years. The Aztecs loved their newly discovered liquid chocolate to the extent that they believed it come directly from the god of wisdom, Quetzalcoatl.
Cocoa seeds even acted as a form of currency.
Could you imagine going shopping or buying a house will a huge pile of Cocoa seeds?
These days, the chocolate was bitter, as it was long before sugar was added. Once chocolate took a turn and went sweet in a 16th Century Europe, chocolate caught on to the masses and became one of many people favorite treats.

Many present-day chocolate companies began operations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Cadbury, for example, began in England by 1868.
And then 25 years later Milton S. Hershey purchased chocolate processing equipment at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, and he is now one of the biggest and world-known chocolate creators in the world. Nestlé began back in the 1860s and has grown into one of the largest food conglomerates in the world.

Well…but how is chocolate made?
Many people are unaware that chocolate is a fermented food. Once the cacao pods are picked, and then cleaned of pithy white material from the fruit, they are dried and then the cacao beans are fermented. The cacao nibs are revealed once the papery shell is removed.
This is where the creativity come in.
Chocolatiers then grind the nibs into cocoa mass, separating them into cocoa solids and cocoa butter, they then combine them with milk and sugar. If they’re creating white chocolate then it’s just the chocolate butter with milk and sugar.
Every Chocolatier has different methods and ideas that are all popular across the world.
As time has gone on, some moved towards the indulgence of dark chocolate, that contains far less sugar and holds a higher percentage of cocoa.
If you’re looking for the best dark chocolate it’s worth checking out the ones you find from the Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Ecuador. They have ideal climates for cocoa trees and they are known for producing some of the best chocolate.
It certainly sounds good!
Most people love chocolate. In fact, nine out of ten people love chocolate, and about 1 billion people eat chocolate every day!
Besides the fact it tastes so good, there are some health benefits of chocolate, as it increases serotonin and dopamine levels, which helps to boost the mood. Dark chocolate can also be especially good for you, as is a powerful source of antioxidants, plus it helps to improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

And so…how to celebrate World Chocolate Day?
Although some would love to celebrate this day every day, the chocolate day gives you the perfect opportunity to eat your favorites in ample portions!
The chocolate flavor is most definitely a favorite right throughout the world. It flavors cakes, breakfast cereal, toppings, desserts, candies, ice creams, and much more. And, of course, we don’t need to tell you what to do to celebrate this day, do we? Eat Chocolate!
And why not get the cookbook out of the cupboard, or scour the web for some ideas to get yourself in the day spirit, baking and creating your wonderful creations?
Or failing that, stock up on chocolate biscuits, ice-cream, and enjoy a day of treats and indulgence…

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