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August 29: celebrate National Lemon Juice Day!

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Originally written on August 29 2021. Updated 2023

As an old saying goes, when life hands you lemons…make lemonade!
And we add…when life hands you a chance to celebrate National Lemon Juice Day on August 29, do it!
Lemons have been used for a variety of purposes over the years, but the most popular is probably the classic lemon juice. It can be used in people’s favorite drinks, wellness products, and even some of the tastiest dishes.
Lemons are now one of the main ingredients in a whole range of things, and the juice is what is used to make up these items.
The options are quite literally endless when you think about all the things lemon juice can do, from enhancing flavors in food to giving your hair a lighter color (yes. Apparently, that’s true).
Many Ayurvedic recipes use lemon juice for adjusting pH balance or as a stabilizer for other ingredients, but it is also very popular for the detoxification of the body. Lemon juice mixed with water offers a complete cleanse for the digestive system, and many celebrities swear by it, too!

Lemon Juice Day, celebrated once per year, on August 29th, gives everyone in the world a chance to experience the wonders that lemon juice can do.
While this is available every day of the year, there isn’t anything quite like having one whole day dedicated to a product for everyone to get their hands on it and use it in a variety of different ways.
Well, it’s not exactly common to wash your hair with lemon juice, but on this day, why not?

Lemons have been around forever but they have become more and more popular since 1493 when Christopher Columbus first bought them to the New World. Since then, lemons became a staple in households, for medicinal uses, and were also seen at one point as a sign of wealth.
However, lemon juice has so many uses, it seemed appropriate to dedicate an entire day of the year to it, and thus, Lemon Juice Day was born. It has been celebrated for many years, although it is hard to say exactly how many take part and why it is celebrated on this day.

How to celebrate Lemon Juice Day?
Why not set up a lemonade stand to involve as many people as possible in celebrating the day? Or, use it to make something delicious such as a lemon cake or a fish dish that will knock the socks off anyone who eats it. Something interesting to try would be to have an entire meal that includes lemon juice in some way.

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