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Ex-Maskó, memories of a discotheque and testimony of who remember.

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A long time ago (it was 2005, NDR), here it was always party.” These are the words of D, a man who remembers well this disco, when it was open, until 2005/2006. Talking with him was like taking a dip in the past. A past that I can’t remember, in an this region that I know only recently. “A long time ago, here, you stopped outside the door and waited in line to get in! If it was hot, you was sweating. And if it was cold, you beated the feet to enter. But it was worth it, because inside was an another world, a fantastic dimension waiting for you, full of beautiful girls, beautiful music and fun! And you thought that evening or afternoon would be the right time to find a pretty girl. And if no pretty girl looked at you, you’d come home but it was all the same, because a long time ago, here you found lot of friends. A long time ago you were lined up with the drink ticket in hand, and i remember the girl of the bar too. A long time ago, there were the most famous deejays of Italy who came to play their music. A long time ago, if you arrived early, there was always for us the pizzeria “Cala di Volpe”. A long time ago you came and you saw those behind the window of Radio Jam Fm. Here were generations and generations of young people from Rovigo. When it was called Popsi, then Maskó, and also when it was called Jankie or Tiffany. A long time ago. Now it’s all like that. I looked at your photos with a lot of sadness. Now it’s all too dark. Too silent. And it is distressing to see the place where once there was a city that danced, now submerged by grass.”
The disco Maskò, was born in the ’70s with the name of Popsy, and then changed its name to Maskò and is closed since 2005. On 12th December 2008 somebody burned this place, and the fire devastated what was one of Polesine’s best-known clubs, now totally destroyed. This photos are what remains of this famous disco, exactely in Arquà Polesine, Rovigo, long of SS16.

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