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Aquaria waterpark, just another typical italian story.

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The waterpark was founded in Pinarella di Cervia in 1992, with the initiative and totally private investments. Its symbols were the large twisted slides with vivid colors, which drew a colorful skyline. In addition to slides, there were also air-conditioned swimming pools of various sizes dedicated to children of different ages, and a small natural lake with the possibility of sport fishing, canoeing, wind-surfing and jet skis. The other part of the park had instead a real sandy beach around the lake, for bronzed like on the seaside, and green areas where were volleyball, basketball and tennis courts. Really an artificial beach, almost more fun than the real, just a few minutes away. For some years the park was opened also in the night, and inside there was an indoor disco too with the name of “Jameika”, and the last two editions of “Bellezze al bagno” were also made there. Now is closed since 2004 for a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy, or a typical “Italian Story”? The property wanted to convert the park into a tourist complex, building apartments, like in all the near area. They asked the permits and closed the park thinking about the new project. The answer arrived only after 8 years. And all the park now is in advanced state of degradation. And in Italy, unfortunately, this is a classic.

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