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The ruins of Choustník castle, history and legends.

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There are, of course, some legends linked to the Choustník castle, located in the South of Czech Republic. Perhaps the most popular is about the origin of the castle. A beautiful and brave magician fell in love with the daughter of Emperor Bedrich Rudobrad. The Princess returned his love, but the Emperor was contrary to their love. The lovers therefore fled, and after a long travel they settled in the region of Tábor and built a castle. After a while the emperor forgot his anger and went to look for his daughter. In order not to be identified, was wearing false beards. After a long way, he stood in front of a castle he did not know. He knocked on the gate and entered into the castle. He recognized his daughter immediately, and he knew himself to see that she was happy. Then he took off his fake beard and made himself comfortable also with the children of the couple. From the following toast, the castle was given the actual name (from the etymology of words in Czech).


There are other rumors about the castle, and according to them, the Lords of Choustník obtained the symbol in the emblem from the conquest of the italian city of Milan, where they first reached the top of the walls of Milan. The coat of arms was given to the Duke of Bohemia Přemysl Otakar I. and at the same time they acquired the land at Soběslav.
According to the third legend, instead, once a year, witches from the surrounding area flying around the well of the castle, and recharge their magical properties.


But letting it go stories and legends, the Choustník castle, with its 680 metres above sea level, dominates the Pacov Highlands, that rises south of Chýnov. This massive castle, named after the hill southeast of Tábor, was built in the mid-13th century, probably between 1262-1282, and today only ruins of walls and two towers have remained of it. It is a unique example of twin castles, with two separated residential palaces, in the Czech Republic, rare all over the world, and documents the early response of builders to the development of artillery in the Hussite times. The castle was owned by the Rožmberks from 1355 till 1597, when it was an important strategic place and it became the so-called “gate of South Bohemia”. In the 15th century were built a new system of fortification with round gun-bastions were built there, and the castle stood the test of time, especially during the Hussite Wars. In fact it was never captured. It’s abandoned since 1614. When the weather is nice, it’s possible see the whole region and sometimes even catch a glimpse of the tops of Šumava or Brdy mountains from one of the towers, open to the public.

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