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Jo Lido, the most advanced italian waterpark, over 20 years later.

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It was the 90s, the years in which the waterparks were all the rage. This was built in record time in 1990 (work began in March, and in June of the same year it was inaugurated). Was called Joe Lido by the owners that deliberately did not put the word “water” in its name, to distinguish this place from all the others.

Apparently, for these times, it was the most advanced water park in Europe: 55,000 square meters of green and another 50,000 square meters for parking, swimming pool with artificial waves, six slides, various refreshment areas (fast food, bar, kiosk, picnic area and barbecue) and different possibility to entertainment like disco, games room, rides, soccer fields, beach volleyball and horse riding.
Just after three years the economic problems were already consistant, and in summer 1994 is acquired by the same company that has also managed the famous Aquafan in Riccione. There were vain the efforts to revive this park that permanently ceases all activities in 1996.

In 4 days they have dismantled all the slides, and taken away to the various destinations. It seems that two slides have been sold to a water park in Poland, and some people living in the surrounding areas remember a piece of slide abandoned in a nearby villa under renovation. The wave pool was emptied, like all the others.
When the park was closed the first flight of stairs was dismantled immediately to prevent the usual idiots who went at night and to climb up.
Over the years the area became a landfill and a swamp, even if once closed, there were several possible buyers interested to retrain the park. But at the end they never did anything, especially due to technical problems related to the conservation of more expensive systems like pumps and filters, which at the mercy of the bad weather and abandonment had been compromised.
Needless to say that after more than 20 years of total abandonment of the park there is nothing left. There are thornes. Thornes everywhere, and entering and reaching the pools is also difficult due to lot of open manholes (and super camouflaged by vegetation) over the entire property.

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