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Tag: actuality

Italy: all matches of Superlega 2018/19

October 6-7 2018 Del Monte Supercoppa – Semifinals Perugia – Trento Civitanova – Modena Del Monte Coppa Italia Superlega  Quarterfinals – January, 23 2019 Final Four – February 9/10 2019 Day […]

The Nuba Survival

In an isolated field near a dilapidated barn stands this chilling portrayal of the situation of the Nuba peoples of Sudan. This disturbing sculpture is made all the more powerful […]

Spanish Fortress: the castle of L’Aquila

The Spanish Fortress of L’Aquila know as “il Castello” by the Aquilans, is one of the most impressive Renaissance castle in Central/Southern Italy and was built in the 16th century, […]