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Bar Bianco or “Il Pasquino” Restaurant: just another italian lost place.

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Someone, speaking of many (indeed, a great many) years ago, remembers this place as “Bar Bianco”. Here, according to local sources, in particular milk and all its derivatives were served. Subsequently, it became famous as “Ristorante il Pasquino”, a meeting place also for baptisms and receptions.
According to the documents found inside, I think it is abandoned since 2001. And it’s a shame, because this building is really nice, with a large outdoor area where you probably played live music and there was dancing, private parking, a terrace with a very nice view on the river Muzza and several rooms with a fireplace (the largest could accommodate just over 200 people, and was also used for weddings).
Now it is almost completely destroyed.

(the only source is me and the person I spoke with. Nothing is found on the web, just the name of the restaurant.) Below complete photogallery.

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