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Vinárna Čertovka: the narrowest street in Prague has a pedestrian traffic light!

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Vinárna Čertovka is known as the narrowest street in Prague. The half-a-meter-wide path is probably more of a staircase than a proper street, but that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating its peculiarity.
Only one person at a time can pass through the thin passageway, which cuts between two houses in one of the historic city’s neighborhoods. There’s absolutely no space for two people approaching from opposite ends to pass one another, and so, to remedy this problem, someone installed a traffic light on either end of the street.

With the push of a button, a pedestrian can alert anyone waiting at the other end that want to pass through. However, as usually in Prague, there are a lot of undisciplined tourists that don’t always adhere to the light, so there’s a good chance you’ll wind up wedged within a traffic jam anyway.
Of course, it’s not the main way to get to the (very good) restaurant at the end, and if you are a bit claustrophobic, the tiny street is easily avoidable.
The narrow street is located in Malá Strana, the city’s oldest neighborhood. Čertovka, the restaurant, is located at the end of the narrow street. As well as an excellent menu, there is a back terrace with wonderful views over the river. It’s possible reach the restaurant without squeezing through the passageway: you can go northeast on U Lužického semináře toward Cihelná, then turn right once you see Proudy (the automated peeing sculpture).

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