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A Nessie-like monster supposedly lurks in Lake Norman, North Carolina~

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Lake Norman, North Carolina’s largest manmade lake, is about 30 kilometers from Charlotte. Its about 836 kilometers of coastline make it a popular destination for free time, and its shores and placid waters are home to a host of aquatic species like box turtles, catfish, and yellow perch.
It was created by Duke Power in 1963 as part of the Cowans Ford Dam.
Sometimes it is called North Carolina’s “inland sea”, and there may be much larger creatures swimming! Though the lake is man-made, there have been reports of a strange creature lurking the depths. In fact, rumor has it that there’s a proper sea monster!

A website set up to track sightings has recorded more than 70 “Normie” appearances. Descriptions are differents: the monster been described as “crocodilian,” as “a sturgeon-looking thing,” as a 15-foot-long (about 4,5 meters) “Nessie-like sea monster,” and as “a dang fish” that “looked dang 200 pounds!!!”
Normie is often described as long and serpentine with scaly fins or flippers, and despite the creature has been seen by dozens of witnesses like swimmers, fisherman, campers, water skiers and scuba divers, descriptions vary in color and size, and it seems people are definitely seeing something large and frightening in the lake.
They recall seeing enormous wakes with no boat around to cause them, a wave on an otherwise quiet lake, or hearing a thundering splash with no apparent origin.

Normie is fond of chasing fast boats and often bumps up against water skiers and swimmers! A scuba diver reported narrowly escaping a creature with a doglike head and red eyes that chomped onto one of his flippers. The flipper was lost, but the diver survived. In another incident, a person on a jet ski claimed that a monster surfaced in front of him and brushed up against his leg, leaving a slimy substance that caused an itchy rash.

There are several theories to explain the Lake Norman Monster: some believe the creature is simply a catfish of gigantic proportions, others think people are seeing a large fish called bowfin, alligators or possibly large salamanders known as hellbenders, which can reach up to one meter in length. Of course, the typical prehistoric animal theories arise as well, but another theory is that Normie is a mutant fish created by pollution from the nuclear plant! In my opinion, It’s really possible!
Apart from snatching a fisherman’s catch or two, Normie seems friendly: just one more companion on a nice lakeside day…

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