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Mizu Shingen Mochi: it looks like a water drop but it is in reality a Japanese cake!

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Its name is Mizu Shingen Mochi and it’s one of the most curious Japanese specialities. This unusual rice cake looks like a giant drop of water and its life is just 30 minutes, once pulled out of its mold, before returning to a liquid form.
Its creators describe it as fresh and tasty, so soft as to…melt in your mouth!
The preparation does not seem to be extremely difficult, but it is essential to dose the right amounts of ingredients to achieve the “Water Drop” effect.

The recipe, that is seems very simple, is:
– Put 12 grams of granulated sugar and 15 grams of agar in a saucepan and mix
– Add half a liter of water, stirring slowly and stepwise (the Agar does not dissolve easily).
– Dissolve the whole mixture by boiling the water.
– Place the contents in a spherical mold and
put in the refrigerator.
– Remove the Mizu Shingen Mochi from the mold, place it on the plate and season with brown sugar syrup and soy flour.
– Eat within 30 minutes, before the dissolution!

The small cake of water, sugar and gelling (the famous Agar), has depopulated on the internet, where many enthusiasts have committed themselves to make the cake, with alternating results. In fact, the water of the cake comes from the mountains of the southernmost part of Japan, such as Mount Kaikoma, and being able to obtain a Mizu Shingen Mochi does not seem to be a very simple operation. To make the beautiful-but-bland raindrop cake palatable, japanese chefs pair it with roasted, nutty soybean powder and a brown sugar syrup called kuromitsu.

Below the video if you want try it:

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