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Former Sangritana railway: the abandoned station of Crocetta – Castel Frentano.

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The former station of Crocetta was a railway station located on the Sangritana railway, and point of origin of the route to Ortona. This served the inhabited center of Crocetta, part of the municipality of Castel Frentano, and the station dates back to 1922.
The line from here forked towards Guardiagrele on one side and towards Casoli-Atessa-Castel di Sangro on the other. The trains movement was progressively suspended between 2003 and 2006, so that the line is still armed, even if in a poor state of maintenance.

Until a couple of years ago, in Crocetta there were tons of rusty scrap metal, rotten lumber, broken glass, including two power heads that were blocks of rust from which a plate with the year of construction could be seen, 1924. Then two wagons for material and two wooden carriages whose review year was 1962. In addition, two dilapidated locomotives were connected to what remained of two cattle cars and a passenger carriage. In June 2011, the Lanciano finance guard seized the abandoned wagons in the station for violation of environmental regulations.
Historically, in the 1970s Italian secondary railways were marginalized, resulting in the progressive disappearance of 90% of them. On 1 February 1982 the passenger service between Marina di Ortona and Crocetta ceased, while the following year the freight service between Ortona and Orsogna ceased, causing the almost abandonment of the Ortona-Crocetta line.

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