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25 best photos of working cats!

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Although this might seems incredible, some cats don’t shy away from getting their paws dirty! And to prove that they got more important things to do than enchanting their human friends with their purrs, below there are some of the best pictures of the most hardworking felines. There have been numerous cats who held real jobs as well. For example, when Empirical Brewery in Chicago noticed that their grain is being eaten by rodents and insects, they started thinking about the best way to solve this problem and decided to get four cats who now stroll around the about 740 square meters brewery and look for anything they can catch! Or do you remember the sailor cat Simon, who even got a military medal? However, cats can hold other positions, too. Most of us have heard of therapy cats, and in fact they can apply for this job as well. There is a beautiful story and great example of that. A woman was paired with a 6-year-old girl who lives with Autism, and the situation has improved for the better ever since. Some help their owners promote a garage sale, some are busy mousekeeping, but no matter big or small, their efforts are always appreciated!

1# The incredible Nursing Cat

Rademenesa was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract when he was only 2 months old. Now lives at the animal shelter and keeps other sick animals company and tries to nurse them.

2# The senior pest controller in Iceland

Another talented cat, Felix, has been working as the senior pest controller at Huddersfield Railway Station for years. He even ha his own name tag and a neon vest to go with it. It seems this mouse-catching expert also loves filling in at the ticket station and chat with travelers!

3# The “bookseller” cat

Experts say that this method of pest control is much more cost effective and humane. The use of cat eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and poisons, which is better for the environment. As for the humans, the introduction of cats to a vermin-ridden area alone can eliminate pests without any killing: the feline scent and droppings alone are enough to drive out rodents, because rats won’t even reproduce near their natural predators.

4# Dixie, the truck driver who has a matching safety vest

5# I was once a kitty in a shelter and now i’m a Cop. Chase your dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut!

6# This stray cat snuck into a nursing home, and got a Job!

7# Cat Scan Assistant

8# “Dirt”, the Nevada railway cat that always looks like he needs a bath!

9# The best way to advertise your garage sale nearby:

10# Security Guard

11# Dedicated Cockroach Manager:

12# Hardware store cat is skeptical of your purchase…


13# Meowtain Rescue, standing by:


14# Colonel Mittens at your service!

15# Store Security:

16# Tama was a female Calico Cat who gained fame for being a station master and operating officer at Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan:

17# A cat wearing an orange hard hat:

18# Hennessy is always Liquor Store’s employee of the month!

19# He’s on his break. He greets people at the Drive Thru:

20# Local Ace has greeter pirate kitty named Ace: he loves grooming customers!

21# Oscar the truck repair cat offering to help us out with our paperwork:

22# The doctor will see you meow:

23# Therapy Cat on patrol in the nursing home:

24# Oscar the police station cat:

25# This cat is the manager at a local pet store:

Source and images: BoredPanda.

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