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World’s hottest Gummy Bear: 900 times hotter than a Jalapeno pepper!

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After the world’s hottest lollipop, know as “the toe of Satan”, and world’s hottest candy, the devious minds at Flamethrower Candy Company, based in St. Louis, Missouri, have created the world’s hottest gummy bear.
Don’t be deceived by its cute and appealing appearance, because this little bear is holding a dynamite stick!
It’s made with a special chili pepper extract that’s 900 times hotter than a Jalapeno pepper, and several times hotter than the Carolina Reaper, Dragon’s Breath and Pepper X, which are generally regarded as the world hottest peppers!
The pepper extract used to make Lil’ Nitro is rated at a whopping 9,000.000 Scoville units on the hotness scale, so even though this scary treat has other ingredients, it’s still rated up to 7,200,000 million units.
To put things into perspective, a dreaded Carolina Reaper pepper has an average rating of 2.2 million units. So yeah, the bear is pretty darn hot.
Lil’ Nitro gummy bears come packaged individually in blister packs and boxes evocative of their hotness.
People usually eat gummy bears by the handful, so one may not seem enough and expensive, but one is probably more than what you’ll ever need!
Although one Lil’ Nitro gummy bear probably won’t kill you, it will leave your mouth, throat and stomach feeling like they’re on fire and, just in case you’re wondering, it is technically raspberry flavored, but you’ll probably have trouble to taste its flavor while the fire engulfs your mouth after you chew into it.

If you’re feeling brave, you can order a Lil’ Nitro Gummy Bear from the Flamethrower Candy website, for $6.99….


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