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#TodayInHistory – October 6

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October 6 – Some important events on this day.

105 BC 👉🏼 Battle of Arausio: The Cimbri inflict the heaviest defeat on the Roman army of Gnaeus Mallius Maximus.
68 BC 👉🏼 Battle of Artaxata: Lucullus averts the bad omen of this day by defeating Tigranes the Great of Armenia.
1866 👉🏼 The Reno brothers carry out the first train robbery in U.S. history
1889 👉🏼 Moulin Rogue opens in Paris
1917 👉🏼 Battle of Passchendaele: Canadian troops capture the village of Passchendaele in the Third Battle of Ypres, after 250,000 casualties on both sides

1927 👉🏼 “The Jazz Singer”, directed by Alan Crosland, starring Al Jolson and May McAvoy, released, 1st film with a soundtrack (Honorary Academy Award 1928).

1939 👉🏼 Adolf Hitler announces plans to regulate Jewish problem
1945 👉🏼 Tavern owner “Billy Goat” Sianis buys seat for his goat for Game 4 of Baseball World Series, is escorted out and casts goat curse on Chicago Cubs
1948 👉🏼 The 1948 Ashgabat earthquake kills 100,000 in the Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic
1948 👉🏼 Paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey finds the first partial fossil skull of Proconsul africanus, an ancestor of apes and humans on Rusinga Island, Kenya
1951 👉🏼 Joseph Stalin proclaims the Soviet Union has the atomic bomb
1956 👉🏼 Scientist Albert Sabin announces that his oral polio vaccine is ready for testing; it would soon supplant Jonas Salk’s vaccine in many parts of the world
1995 👉🏼 51 Pegasi discovered as the first major star, apart from the Sun, to have a planet orbiting around it
2012 👉🏼 Paolo Gabriele, Pope Benedict XVI’s butler, is found guilty of leaking confidential documents and is sentenced to 18 months imprisonment

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