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A Menstrual-Themed Breakfast? Here are uterus-shaped cereal that colors milk red!

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Intimate wellness brand INTIMINA recently unveiled Period Crunch, a unique uterus-shaped breakfast cereal that colors milk red.

Curious enough, 82% of people are unable to correctly identify where is the uterus.
Probably due the fact that we rarely talk about the female uterus, at least when compared to other, more well-known organs, like the heart or the liver.
Well, Intima, a company that specializes in menstrual products, such as environmentally-friendly period cups and Kegel muscle training devices, would like to change that, and they’re going about it in an interesting way.
Last month, the company announced its latest product, Period Crunch, a breakfast cereal that’s supposed to act as a conversation starter about menstruation in the average home.
But there’s more to Period Crunch than just its unusual name: every piece of raspberry-flavored cereal in the box is shaped like the female uterus and contains food flavoring that will color the milk red.
The cereal box will also contain a diagram of the female reproductive system so people can see where the uterus is located in the body.

The cereal was reportedly inspired by an in-house survey of 2,000 adults which revealed that about 48% of women are too embarrassed to talk about their period, and a whopping 77% have never even mentioned it as a topic of conversation in the household.

I’m delighted that INTIMINA has taken the bull by the horns and developed Period Crunch to help raise awareness of the ongoing social stigma around periods,” Dr Shree Datta, a gynecologist for Intima, said. “Periods are a natural part of who we are, so it’s deeply concerning to hear that so many people remain uncomfortable discussing them when they are just another part of our health.

INTIMINA created Period Crunch as part of its ongoing Seen + Heard period positivity campaign that aims to increase the visibility of menstrual wellbeing across the world, normalise conversations about menstrual health, tackle bias, and raise awareness of intimate health conditions.
Period Crunch follows ‘Period’: a collaboration in 2020 between INTIMINA and Pantone that saw the creation of a shade of red emblematic of a healthy menstrual flow and ‘The Wait’: a film that sees eight-year-old children use their age to give a voice to people that waited eight years or more for an endometriosis diagnosis.

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