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Capri, Punta Carena and its lighthouse

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Capri Island have a lot of beaches, but one of the most beautiful is Punta Carena. It’s not really a beach but a bay with clear and blue waters what tossing into huge rocks. What makes this place even more attractive the lighthouse. Punta Carena Lighthouse dates back to 1867 (although it was originally constructed in 1862) and it’s the second brightest of all Italy after the Lanterna of Genoa. The lighthouse has a rotating view that emits white light flashes every 3 seconds. The focal plane is located at 73 meters above sea level. The lighthouse has a range of 25 nautical miles (about 46 km), and is therefore defined as an offshore lighthouse. It is a 28 m (92 ft) octagonal masonry tower, painted white with red vertical stripes, on a two-story house. Tourists can arrive to Punta Carena by foot, boat or bus.

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