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Grand Hotel Et de Milan Salsomaggiore Terme, some years later.

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Traditional Spa Hotel with fitness suite, thermal treatments, hydrotherapy, conference facilities; situated in town center.
Year Built: 1900
Check in Time: 2:00 PM
Check out Time: 12:00 PM
Number of Floors: 4
Total Number of Rooms: 123

If you search on google this hotel, located in the city center of salsomaggiore terme, in the province of parma, you can still find this description, with the phone number, all informations and the exact address. Salsomaggiore terme is a famous touristic place, famous since 1847, and now it is only the saddest mirror of an entrepreneur who has sweated the proverbial “seven shirts” in the past and that now remembers what he did and was in the past, without rinnovating and giving way to other destinations. Only a few years ago, and for at least half a century, the center was a walk between high society people, and a sort of museum of luxury cars, where counted not only the money, but the social position. This town, however, now is paying dearly for its own vanity and it’s not being able to renew: not keeping exclusivity, high society has gradually veered on other, more exclusive destinations, able to offer, at more smallest prices, much more modern services, and so, because there is no more “VIPs” even the normal tourist has disappeared. This hotel, a luxury Grand Hotel with 5 stars, dates back to the late 800, has undergone extensions and renovations in the last century. The story wants, that it belongs to one of the most important families and in view of the town, which has tried in any way to keep alive this piece of history, but for a crisis of the tourism, and economic crisis in Italy, in 2007 the hotel has not resumed the activity and was definitely closed. We have not a lot of other informations of this place, now the hotel is closed and abandoned to degradation and potential buyers flee away as soon as they see the town that it seems dead, with an embarassing age of its visitors, although the building is officially recognized as “on sale”. Despite the decay, it is not difficult to imagine the hotel in its full splendor, with the waiters with white gloves moving frantically from a room to the garden to satisfy a more than elegants guests.

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