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Palazzo Gonzaga, one of the most famous abandoned place in the urbex Italian world.

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This is a very famous abandoned place in the urbex Italian world, but almost no one has ever talked about its last inhabitant, a “granny” who died at the ripe old age of 108 years.
The woman was Sicilian, and loved to spend most of her time in this palace, once belonged to the Gonzaga family.
She was used to take a plane to reach her beloved home, in which she spent long periods, so as to be affectionately known by the whole little town.
In occasion of her 100th birthday, she organized a big party in the park of this building, offering pastries and sparkling wine to over one hundred people.
According to my local research, she was used to wear heels, adored her white blouses and when she went to her trusted hairdresser, always asked for cigarettes, a glass of water or a coffee.
At the age of 102 made her last trip by plane!
When she died, at the age of 108, her corpse was transported from Catania to celebrate the funeral in her beloved country of adoption, where she has been buried with her husband and her children.

This palace was built as a fortress-house between the 14th and 15th centuries, it belonged to Matilde di Canossa who donated it to the monks.
Later it passed into the hands of the Gonzaga family and the last member, childless, left it to his nephew Pirro Maria.
Here there is a tower, inside which there is a small chapel founded by Fulvio Gonzaga, dedicated to the Madonna.

It seems that currently the building is for sale and the grandchildren of the granny inherited its historical part. However to give back life and splendor to this beautiful historical villa, now in advanced degradation, would be necessary a miracle and especilly many millions of Euros.

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