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Why do you need television when you are already in world of fairy tales?…

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Have you present the famous german fairy-tale “Hansel and Gretel”, recorded by the Grimm brothers? What happened after they have grown up? This time we tell the story of two brothers, as like Hansel and Gretel, but that lived in a small town near Padova. The very first thought that comes to your mind after you are enter in this house, is that you got into some kind of strange museum. Trees and weed which are growing spontaneously and rigorous are also part of this singular tune world. Everything here seems alive. On the garden, until the entrance there are full-dressed cat and rabbit, some princes and princesses, different kind of real and imaginative animals, and artworks, statues and paintings come to life and seems that they talking, telling theirs stories. Inside, all house is painted by various stories from the fairy-tales, and the sculptures (now unfortunately ruined by time) seem to staring at you, some disturbing.

so….Once upon a Time……

Two brothers, Alice and Nellino (Nelly for friends, if he had friends), both teachers, they one day understood that they are fed up with this work, and decided to quit it for their passion: art. Their life was like a life of two Hermits, without any facilities, like water, electricity, gas. They never spoke with the inhabitants of their small country town. They lived eating the food that grew up in their garden. Alice was always in the house, while Nelly sometimes went to the local market to purchase some of their art-works in order to buy new paint. Then in 2007 Alice has died, Nelly has lived in two different homes for elderly, and always told about her. Because of their strange way of life, there were some amount of voices about this couple. Some people say that the garden enchanted and attracted some children to their home, who were once captured, then killed and eaten. It is also believed that the remains were buried in a mass grave in the back part of the garden. In two different rooms there are two TVs. But you remember, that Nelly and Alice didn’t have any electricity? In fact TVs are only piece of design and instead of the screens, were drawn two pictures of a man (it seems Pavarotti) and a woman.
And before the end of the story……you can look our double Photogallery, with my photos (Pavel) and of course of our official photographer Anya. Obviously the photos are from two different days and we are not visit this site together, but almost with one year of difference. Enjoy! P.

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