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The Spectral Institute Luraschi: the Abandoned mountain Colony of Varese.

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Luraschi Institute by ©️Anya Ph

The Luraschi Institute was a former mountain colony INAM (National Institute for Health Insurance), which became the National Health Service in 1977. The structure was built in 1932, closed its doors around the end of the 1970s, and since then it has remained in the state of conservation of that period, abandoned and never open again. The colony was a place where children spended the summer months educated by nuns, but information about this institute is really poor on the web. It was also a sanatorium for children who had lung diseases, and who needed to breathe some good air. Thanks to the our photographer, we enter in that place, now completely forgotten. The building have 4 levels, which are the basement with kitchens, laundry and ironing room. The ground floor with chapel, concierge, classrooms, recreation room with walls richly decorated with paintings still in excellent condition (but you can see them only with a good flashlight because doors and windows here are walled), then the first floor with dorms with lot of lockers and bathrooms, and the second floor with other dorms, infirmary and staff’s dorms. Unfortunately, just a few months ago, a famous Italian singer (and famous is always subjective), has decided to record here one of his music videos, and these photos are dated back after the event, when unfortunately the institute had already been cleaned up. Of course, I found also on the web old photos of this place.

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