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Photostory of Alkimia Club: what’s left of a pizza restaurant with live music.

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Since three years, but certainly since many and many more, on the trunk road Adriatica SS16, between the italian sea localities of Francavilla and Ortona, there are the remains of this abandoned building. Once it was a pizza restaurant, where on Saturday evening you could dance or listen to live music during dinner or after dinner. Musical revival, rock, pop, Latin American, commercial, hip hop or r & b for all tastes. Nothing else is known about this place. There are no ratings, reviews, photographs or memories on the web, and even people do not seem to know anything. The place was certainly pleasant, with the an open dance floor at the back, the wood-fired oven and the bright red painted rooms. Probably, it is not known when, in what year, nor why, the place is burned. It was closed for this reason? Or not? And why, if you do a search of the web, you can find only the name, and two different owners?

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