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Raw Herring Ice Cream: a dutch speciality.

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Here we are:

It’s unusual that someone speak about an ice cream parlor into the Netherlands’ national news, but that’s exactly what happened when Robin Alting started selling raw herring ice cream in his shop in Rotterdam. Even if the Dutch are known for their love of herring, the usage of the favourite fishy into sweet ice cream was probably too excessive!

The flavor is a frozen blend of raw herring, onion, sugar, and cream. It’s been described as having the texture of traditional ice cream but the strong taste and smell of herring. Perhaps this is the reason Alting suggests eating his unique creation in small portions rather than several big scoops. Of course, ever since Alting create the flavor, several other shops started selling herring ice cream in their stores, and there are also other different versions.

Curious to try it? If you are in Netherland, exactly in Rotterdam, this is the original store that sold the first herring ice cream.
De IJssalon
69A Meent, Rotterdam, 3011 JD, Netherlands
0031 10 413 3544

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