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Vietnam, at the koi cafe you drink with the carps between your feet….

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…and the water covers the entire surface of the floor!
This is not science-fiction. The Koi bars are a typical tourist attraction in Vietnam, and its peculiarity is that you are surrounded by a pond full of koi carp. The fishes, with their characteristic reddish color, are always around the tables of customers who often give them a few crumbs of food.

Mr. Nguyen Duoc Hoa, the owner of a restaurant located in the district of Tan Binh, had to renovate the dining area, and decided to cover the floor with two layers of plastic to contain the water. In his restaurant the fishes swimming between the legs of customers who have feet soaking in 20 centimeters of water.
Of course, the restaurant has very specific rules: before entering it is necessary to wash your feet with rags provided by the structure and, of course, remove all types of footwear, including sandals. The bizarre Coffee is having some success, but on the web there is no lack of criticism by people who say they are disappointed for the treatment of the poor carps. Despite the negative comments of the users, in the future Mr. Hoa will provide to have only carp inside his restaurant, so as to prevent the smaller fish from dying because of a shock.

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