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The Boogeyman: 8 photographs for a disturbing Horror Story

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Duane Michals is a pioneering photographer of fashion and art images, but not only, in which he often used the form of sequential narration and the superimposed text to construct the narration of his stories. His very strong images explore recurring themes for the humans: sex, death, love, fear and violence. Although he defines himself as a self-taught photographer, his clients include magazines such as Esquire or Vogue, and among the people he has photographed are the greatest artists of his time. His photographs have been exhibited since 1970 at the MoMA in New York, and in 1968 he was the official photographer of the Mexico City Olympic Games.

Among his series of the ’70s we remember one called “The Boogeyman”, which shows a creature that causes the night fears of children of every age and place, a story that suggests deep psychological and metaphysical questions. In order not to undermine the narration, the images are proposed as in the original sequence, without the obvious explanation of each photograph.

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