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Moulin de Moidrey: a still working windmill near Mont St-Michel

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Perched on a hill, this old working windmill dates to the early 19th century, is just 5 km from Mont St-Michel and overlooks the bay. Here is possible purchase a variety of flours, but also cider and wheat.

The process of milling has remained the same over the years, and now produces flour using techniques from yesteryear with its wood mechanism and stone grinding wheel. First the chaff is removed from the wheat as it tumbles in some baskets, so, turning the crank at the end of the box rotates and tumbles the wheat. Once the chaff is removed, the grains of wheat are ready to be milled.
The wind turns the sails of the windmill which in turn rotate the mill stone.
Once the wheat is milled into flour, a pulley is used to lower he bags of flour to the ground flour by means of a little trap door.

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