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Travel by rail across 14 countries around the world? Now is possible!

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For travellers who want to explore the world by train, there is a fantastic new: a newly-launched trip that may be a dream come true!

The English website Railbookers has launched a journey called “Around the World by Rail”, which gives travellers the opportunity to discover four continents, 14 countries and over 20 cities. The 56-day trip also takes in some of the world’s most popular train rides along the way, including the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway to Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Even though the trip is curated to begin and end in London, travellers can customize any portion of the itinerary to make it uniquely their own. Among the experiences included there are the opportunity to enjoy a night in the wilderness staying in a traditional yurt on the open plains of Mongolia, or take a movie stars’ homes tour in Los Angeles.

Travellers will also get to take in the Colosseum in Rome and Vatican City, Basilica di San Marco and the labyrinth of canals in Venice, and Austria’s imperial palaces. They will visit Moscow’s symbolic Red Square, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, but also Prague’s Old Town. Sightseeing tours are included, and travellers will take in the Great Wall of China, the Ming Tombs and the Summer Palace in Beijing. They can also check out the spectacular Army of Terracotta Warriors and ancient city walls of Xi’an.

VIP or Fast Pass access to famous landmarks is included as well as trips to museums and attractions, and a total of 51 meals will be provided, including 40 breakfasts, seven lunches and four dinners. Moreover, the package includes 42 nights’ hotel accommodation, one night on board a ferry, five nights on overnight trains, three nights on board the Indian Pacific and three on Amtrak.

For further information about this journey, you can visit Railbookers Site.

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