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SkullStore Oddity Shop: here you can buy a human skull!

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The Prehistoria Natural History Centre is one of a kind in Canada as they claim they are the only free conservation and natural history educational centre in Toronto.
However, they’re better known as the SkullStore, one of the largest oddity shops in Canada.

This curious and macabre oddities shop in Toronto sells dead people…at least, part of them!
So, If you need a real human skull in Canada, there is a place to get it.
Driving along Weston Road, a quiet area northwest of downtown Toronto, you’ll see so many old storefronts, restaurants, and churches with obscure signs. However, there’s also an old building where the door is closed, like its curtains. There is no sign here except for a little paper stuck in the window that reads: “The Skull Store.”
Its owners are the only dealers of human skulls in Canada!

The 518-meters space is packed with a macabre medley of taxidermy and preserved specimens: there’s a whole assortment of human remains for sale, like skulls, shrunken heads, preserved brains, and mummy hands.
In addition, there’s also a menagerie of exotic animal remains, including some vintage taxidermy, as well as prehistoric dinosaur fossils, and ritualist artifacts like necromancer’s masks and cannibal trophies.
Probably the craziest thing they have is a collection of two boar skulls with a human skull fixed to the board in the center—a 100-year-old cannibal battle trophy from the Philippines. The entire piece is charred black, and still smells of campfire. The warriors had slain the man whose skull is now in the center. As part of the ritual, they cooked him with the two boars. They believed that in order to channel the spirit of the killed warrior they needed to eat the flesh.

Some customers are artists looking for subjects to paint, or paint on. The shop provide coyote skulls for one tattoo shop in Orangeville that does an annual art show.
Other customers are collectors, zoos, and museums. Bones from The Skull Store have even been used as props for film shoots like Suicide Squad with animal skeletons while they were shooting in Toronto.
Ah. The shop points out that all the objects are legally and ethically collected!

Author’s note: check the official website to see when the store is open. It’s appointment-only for a few days of the week!

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