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Wasabi Ice Cream: the cure and cause of a burning tongue!

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Sushi lovers around the world know wasabi as the thick, green paste that adds pungent heat to their nigiri, sashimi and uramaki.
Wasabi, or Japanese horseradish, has a unique mustard-like taste.
In its highest-quality form, it is freshly grated while, most often, it’s sold as a powder or paste.
But, with its vapours strong enough to wake up the sleeping or the unconscious, could wasabi really work in ice cream?
Unlike the oil-based Capsaicin-heat of chile peppers, the burning sensation of wasabi is short-lived. Fused into a sweet ice cream, the cold will temper the heat somewhat too. What is left, however, is still enough to add a pleasant sting of the wasabi.
In this treat, Ice cream makers add the mustardyroot to otherwise classic ice cream.
Fans liken the initial taste to a minty vanilla, followed by a distinct afterburn….

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