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Franken, the Osaka Restaurant that serves Miso Ramen with a soft ice cream inside

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A Japanese restaurant has been getting a lot of attention for its unique Miso ramen dish which comes with a soft serve cone melting in the center of the bowl.
We’re no strangers to interesting varieties of ramen, but the debate over ice cream ramen could potentially overtake the pineapple–on–pizza question.

Well, If you were to make a list of ingredients that you think best complement Miso ramen, milk and chocolate soft serve probably wouldn’t be at its top.
But that just proves you’re not a gourmet visionary, like the people at Franken, a restaurant in Osaka Japan, that describes their new creation as a perfect blend of sweet and spicy. And, above all, it has been surprisingly well–received by their customers.
On January 4th, the restaurant started selling its unique sweet-and-sour red miso ramen dish with a soft serve cone melting in it.
If they went through many types of desserts, the ice cream was just unexpectedly compatible with the ramen dish.

The soup itself is based on miso and gochujang red chili paste, and also contains pork, beef, and chicken extracts.
Doesn’t sound like the kind of food I’d mix with milk and chocolate, but Franken claims you’d be surprised how well they go together.

After trying more than 10 kinds of ice cream, I settled at a mixed soft serve with chocolate that is not too sweet compared to simple milk soft serve,” said Mr. Shimizu, the creator of the unusual dish in an interview. “It complements the spicy miso beautifully and doesn’t interfere with the taste of ramen.

Eaters with a bigger appetite can order the ice cream ramen set, which comes with an additional plate of fried rice, one of Franken’s specialties that many customers order it with their ramen as the chewy texture and charred fragrance of the fried rice serves as a delicious finish to a hearty meal.
Interestingly, this isn’t Franken’s first foray into bizarre sweet-and-spicy combinations.
Last year, they attracted a lot of attention for an equally strange miso ramen and cotton candy dish.
But be careful: If you find this miso ramen intriguing and wouldn’t mind giving it a try, you should know that it is only going to be available until the end of March….

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