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An Giang: the Vietnamese province that attracted worldwide attention for its giant Loaves of Bread

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Even though it sounds incredibile, the Vietnamese province of An Giang, in the Mekong Delta, is less known for its wonderful natural attractions than for the giant loaves of bread that went recently viral online!
It all started a couple of years ago, in 2018, when a website published a list of the world’s strangest foods, including a giant loaf of bread that was supposedly very popular in Vietnamese province. Despite sceptics claimed the photos of the bread were either photoshopped or shot from a certain angle to create the illusion that they were much larger than ordinary loaves, soon other photos and videos of the unusual bread started going viral online.
Also local media in Vietnam started giving their giant loaves a lot of attention, and soon the whole world knew about the now famous super bread of An Giang.

Measuring at least 1 meter in length and weighing no less than 3 kilograms, the giant bread loaves are typically sold in large plastic bags, cost 50,000 VND ($2.14) and reportedly taste as good as they look. They are glazed with a delicious layer of butter after baking and sometimes topped with seeds such as sesame for added flavor.
Interestingly, the giant loaves of bread are not the result of any old tradition in An Giang, but the brainchild of a local baker, Pham Thi Bac, who started making them for fun. She told that she originally started making the loaves in her free time, but then word got around and people started asking to buy them. It wasn’t long before tourists spotted the giant loaves and started buying them as souvenirs.
Today, the giant bread loaves of An Giang are among the most popular foods in Vietnam, and of the province’s most recognizable symbols.

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