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Ice Cream Loti (Singapore Ice Cream Sandwich): take the name of this street food literally!

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Rainbow Bread? Yes. Rainbow Bread.
With ice cream? With ice cream.
Admit it, you want this.
It’s been pretty well established by now that ice cream is a tricky food to eat, especially in hot (very hot) summer days. And, in most of world, options are pretty limited: cup or cone. But travel around the world and you’ll discover that other cultures have mastered the art of ice-cream-eating.
In Singapore, for istance.
Outside schools and on street corners with high foot traffic, it is common to see vendors that sell heat-busting ice cream. But, rather than stack rounded scoops atop a cone, they slice individual portions off a block and then wrap the thick slab in a slice of bread. Tasters literally describe the unusual texture of melting ice cream atop simultaneously-dissolving bread as a soft, creamy mouthful of goodness (and yes, I can confirm it).
The cheap street food features ice cream flavors such as sweet corn, coffee, coconut, raspberry, or durian (do you remember what is it?). And, moreover, the bread also comes in a variety of styles, ranging from fluffy, processed white bread to sweetened, multicolored slices dyed with food coloring and pandan leaf extract. The iconic rainbow swirl bread that many carts keep on hand makes the finished sandwich a must.
The ice cream sandwich can be easily found along the Orchard Road, from Ion Orchard towards Takashimaya, and you may spot more than one vendors selling the ice cream sandwich.
Well, which one to go for?
Despite the tastes and flavours are almost the same, I preferred to go for the one with longer queue….

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